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Brenster Productions


Brenster Productions is an incorporated company in Mazatlan, Mexico.


CEO and founder, Brent McAthey (Aka) The Brenster had a vision of creating a production company that would employ professional personnel in various fields to be able to deliver quality entertainment, including Booking Agents, Artist Management, Sound, Lighting and Stage Production.


Based in Mazatlan with the ability to take its shows throughout Mexico.


Brenster Production created Brenster's Beach Bash in 2010 at Diego's Beach House, which has been the most popular and highly acclaimed weekly beach party in Mazatlan's history.


This show runs every Tuesday afternoon from 2 PM to 6 PM (from mid Oct. to May) with an avarage of 10,000 spectators per season, it is a must see while in Mazatlan. The Brenster's Beach Bash was honored with a Mazzie Award for "Favorite thing to do in Mazatlan".


The Tanya Carrum Show - at La Catrina Mexican Cantina in Sabalo Country in Mazatlan. Every Wednesday from 7 PM to 10 PM runs from mid Oct. to May.


The Brenster and Carrum Country Concert Series Show runs once a month from Nov. to Apr. with special guests featured on each show. Past and upcoming artists include: Michelle Wright, Patricia Conroy, Dick Damron, The Good Brothers, Gary Fjellgaard, Valdy, Joan Kennedy, Tiller's Folly, Beverley Mahood and Duane Steele, Gil Grand, Jake Mathews and Kenny Shaw.


The success of this show continues to grow with each year and has the sponsorship and support of SECTUR - The Tourism Board of Sinaloa Mexico and The Mazatlan's Hotel Association.



CEO and Founder(Owner) - Brenster

Management (Owner) - Rafa Tostado

Administration (Owner) - Tanya Carrum

Sound and Lighting Techs - KW Music (Hugo & Jesus Villalobos)

Transportation - David Bye, Gene Wilce

M.C. - Dan Butler , - Legendary Canadian radio personality.

Photography - Jeronimo Moreno

Video Production - Rafa Tostado

Web - Rafa Tostado

Media Manager - Joaquin Hernandez

Accounting - Min Aramburo

Legal Representation in Mexico- G&G Consultores

Legal Representation in Canada- Wayne Logan - Miller Thomson LLP




-SECTUR Sinaloa

-Mazatlan Hotel Association

-Athina Spa





For more info visit. WWW.THEBRENSTER.CA