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Joan Kennedy Band

Singer and musician Joan Kennedy is a Canadian "born & raised" and Portland, Maine based crossover country, pop, and blues star known to millions throughout the world (especially in Canada and Europe).

Joan has toured just about everywhere, has won 7 CCMA's (Canadian Country Music Awards), won four CMT (Country Music Television) awards (one for "Best International Country Music Video"), "best country album", "best female country artist" and "best country single".

In addition, she's been nominated for 2 JUNO awards, recorded 6 albums (2 with major label MCA) and has made 7 music videos. At one point, Joan also had her own syndicated Canadian Television show - and even has acted on the "big screen".

For a large part of the 1990's, Joan ranked second ONLY to Garth Brooks as Canada's most played country musical artist.
But during this time, to Joan, her most important achievement wasn't related to music at all! During a CMT awards show in the late 90's she was presented with "The C.F. Martin Humanitarian Award" for her work on behalf of the Children's Wish Foundation . It brought her teary-eyed peers to their feet; a demonstration of the love and respect for one of country music's most lively, engaging, and giving personalities.

With all of the fame, family has still always come first. That's why, until recently, she chose to focus the majority of her time raising a family in her adopted home of Portland, Maine. But, as they say, "Once a musician, always a musician" (and a top-tier one at that). Or, as Joan puts it, "It's simply who you are." Thus, the desire to create and perform music has never waned, it's only grown (along with her vocal and musical skills).
Joan Kennedy now hosts a Children's TV show called "Ribert and Robert's WonderWorld", and has been picked up by hundreds of U.S. FOX © cable networks. For many years, Joan has been dedicated to helping children.


for more info visit: WWW.JOANKENNEDYMUSIC.COM


    Seven CCMA Awards

    CMT Best International Country Music Video

    CMT Best Country Album

    CMT Best Female Country Artist

    CMT Best Country Single

    Two time Juno Award Nominee

    C.F. Martin Humanitarian Award



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