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Brent McAthey "Brenster"

Brent McAthey is a seasoned performer who has spent most of his life writing and singing songs. Years of accolades and awards, travels and tribulations later, he's figured out where and what is important to him and to his career.

He spends 10 months a year in Mexico and his summers touring Western Canada The U.S.A. and Europe. He's been a headliner at the Visagino Country Music Festival in Lithuania twice.

His life in Mexico

Brenster, as he is now known, has reinvented himself south of two borders, in the beautiful seaside city of Mazatlan, Mexico. He writes and performs songs that reflect the lifestyle that he loves; the sun, the sand and the sea.
After 10 successful years performing throughout Mazatlan, Brenster has become an integral member of a great community of North American residents , who have followed and supported him throughout his career in Mexico. Seasonal tourists and Mexican residents are turning out in record numbers for two shows he has created; BRENSTER'S BEACH BASH, and a new production he has developed with his life and singing partner. THE BRENSTER AND CARRUM SHOW feature Brenster and Tanya Carrum singing love songs and duets, from every musical genre.


In september 2013 Brent was honored with an appointment as Mazatlan's official tourism ambassador by Secretary of Tourism of the State of Sinaloa Dr. Francisco Cordova Celaya.



Brent was born in Calgary, Alberta in 1967. His family owns a 1/4 section south of Water Valley, Alberta and although Brent went to school in Calgary, it was during those weekends and summers at The Ranch that he discovered his country music roots.


His parents claim that Brent was singing before he could talk and it soon seemed that singing and writing songs was all he ever really wanted to do. After graduation from High School, Brent spent some time working at a variety of jobs until he settled at Calgary Co-op where he became the first male cashier in the Calgary Co-op system. It was during this time that Brent would spend a few months each winter in Mexico, writing songs that would later become records.

Brent released his first single in Canada and Europe in 1989 and continued with six further singles that were ultimately featured with other Brent McAthey originals on two cassettes titled On The Highway and Brent McAthey. A chance meeting at the 1990 CCMA Awards would lead Brent into a longstanding and successful partnership with Manager, Tim Auvigne. Together they have developed as Artist and Manager while successfully moving ARIAL Records to the forefront of Canadian Independent Labels with Nominations in 1998 and 1999 for Record Company of the Year by the Alberta Recording


Industry Association In 1994, ARIAL Records released Brent McAthey's first full length CD titled Waitin' For the Sun. Brent McAthey and Lonnie Ratliff produced the album and each new single climbed higher on the charts than the previous release. The title track Wait For The Sun became Brent's highest charting Canadian Single to that date and was supported by a video on CMT Canada. The video was filmed in Mazatlan, Mexico with Randall Prescott producing. Wait For THe Sun was written by Brent as a tribute to his legendary friend and mentor, Dick Damron who was featured in the video. Waitin' For THe Sun garnered numerous industry Nominations for Brent and his support team including a nod from the CCMA to Brent and his Manager, TIm Auvigne for Album Graphics of the Year. A further Nomination would come for Tim and Brent the following year for their work on the Johner Brothers ' Ten More Miles' CD.

As Brent McAthey's profile continued to grow throughout the country and around the world, a new recording project was released. Believe In Me, a multimedia project featuring both audio and video as well as a direct link to brent's web site.

The first single Chevy Blue Eyes was pre-released and became Brent's first Top 20 Canadian Chart Hit earning him his first national nomination for an RPM Big Country Award for Most Outstanding New Canadian Male Artist. Brent was voted Alberta's Male Recording Artist of the Year by the Alberta Recording Industry Association in 94/95 and 98/99 and was nominated again in 2000. Brent was also Nominated in 2000 for Brest Country Artist, Best Producer, and 'I Don't Live Easily' was nominated for Single, Song and Video of the Year. "Hard Rockabilly Cafe" was also nominated for best song. Brent's Believe in Me Multimadia CD was nominated for Best Album and Best Album Graphics.

Brent McAthey continues to deliver a quality live performance whether solo or with his four seven piece back up band. Brent has appeared across Canada, into the United States, Europe, Mexico and the former Soviet Union.

For more than 3/4 of this life, Brent has been focused on spending his winters in the Mexican sun. He was just a boy when he first experienced Mexico - and has been nurturing his love of all things tropical ever since. He's released - his three Mexican flavoured CD projects - "I Can Go As Far As Mexico", "Blame it on Mexico" and Smooth Sailin' " - a collection of personal favorites written over the years.


For more info visit. WWW.THEBRENSTER.CA



    SOMBRERO BLANCO 2012/2013
    Mazatlan, Mexico's Best Entertainers

    Mazatlan, Mexico's Best Musician of the Year

    Mazatlan, Mexico's Best thing to do

    Mazatlan, Mexico's Musician/ Entertainer of the Year



    Alberta's Male Recording Artist of the Year 1994/95 and 1998/99

    ·Best Country Artist
    ·Most Promising Artist on Record
    ·Best Single of the Year
    ·I Don't Love Easily, Slow Motion, Hard Rockabilly Cafe, What's Come Over You, Wait for the Sun

    ·Song of the Year: Slow Motion, Hard Rockabilly Cafe, What's Come Over You, Wait for the Sun
    ·Album Graphics of the Year, Believe in Me, Wait for the Sun, Johner Brothers - Ten More Miles
    Most Outstanding New Canadian Male Artist

    ·Music Video of the Year: I Don't Love Easily, Slow Motion
    ·Album of the Year, Believe in Me, Wait for the Sun




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